Tip Sheet: Ithil Rond Renaissance Atrium

Ithil Rond Renaissance Atrium

Please note we will be updating this tip sheet to make it easier to read and navigate. We’re bringing a few things over from the old blog, and they’ll require some cleanup. Thanks for bearing with us!

The information below is intended to help you determine the best set up choices for your atrium. Since it is based on a temp-rezzing engine, there are unique challenges for some customers.

The notes below offer ideas about choosing the set up options that will work best on your own parcel, and also help you troubleshoot if you are running into problems.

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1. Setting Your Atrium Up
2. Rezzable Components
3. Troubleshooting Temp Rezzing Issues
4. Troubleshooting Other Issues

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When you take the atrium out of your inventory, it will simply be a 3-prim star-shaped base. Set it into position, then touch it to call up the menu.

Press the “Rez Types” button to indicate which of the components you want to rez as regular prims (these count against your parcel’s prim allotment) and temp prims (these do not, but they must be re-rezzed every 45 seconds, causing a slight flicker in the appearance of the component when exchanged).

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While “temp rez” prims may sound like nirvana, they are not entirely the free prims they seem to be. They do come with a cost, and that includes a slight flicker when prims are replaced, as well as an impact to sim resources due to the timer and constant re-rezzing of scripted prims.

I have worked very hard to cultivate a scripted system that is both respectful of sim resources, and offers you lots of options to find the right balance between a quality display of components and a prim-diet that respects your parcel’s budget. People who have lots and lots of space to burn will find that rezzing the entire structure as regular prims gives the best view. However, the atrium is indeed a luxury item, and not everyone will have room to do this. That’s why each component gives you the ability to decide whether or not it is rezzed as regular prims, or temp ones. In the case of the lanterns, where the “flicker” is much more noticeable on replacement, I have given the additional option of “mixed prims”. In this case the lanterns themselves can be rezzed as regular prims, meaning that disappearance and reappearance of actual light isn’t a distraction. The “accents” (gilt leaves, triquetras and other intricate pieces) can be rezzed as temp prims, significantly reducing the prim count without compromising the look and feel.

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The amount of temporary prims allowed varies from parcel to parcel. Andrew Linden did publish the formula that Linden Lab uses to determine how many temporary prims can be rezzed on a piece of land. Unfortunately, this is not an exact science, and floats based on how parcels are carved up on a sim, and how their ownership is allocated.

The base formula does give us a good guide to help determine what your own parcel can bear, and I have created a toolset for your atrium that measures your own parcel’s limits, tells you what is on it now, how many you have left, and how different atrium configurations will affect that. While it may not be an exact measure of your land, it will be a fairly consistent guide to help you decide which of your components you can afford to rez as regular prims, and which you might need to temp rez.

To remove the plants and props once something is set out, simply touch the bench to call up the menu again, and either press the “Empty Me” button, or the “Pick Items” button again to choose individual props to derez.

On the “Pick Items” sub-menu, props that are not currently set out will have a + symbol in front of them, meaning you want to add them to the bench, whereas rezzed props will have a – sign, indicating you want to take that prop away when you press it’s menu button.

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Touch the base of the atrium to bring up the menu.

1. Press the “Prim Count” button to get a quick reporting of how many regular and temp prims are on your parcel now, how many it can likely accomodate, and what the current atrium configuration will add to that.

2. Press the “Rez Types” button to go through the options for each component. When you choose to treat a component as regular prims, the atrium will tell you how many prims that will add to your land, and ask you if you really want to rez it that way before doing it. This
gives you a bit of help in knowing if your choices will create a burden on your land.

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• a canopy of ivy vines draped from the crown
• 5 different choices of foliage to wrap around the arches
• rustic firefly lanterns donning Celtic scrolls and triquetras
• a chandelier made of winter bare branches wrapped in white twinkle lights
• 2 different canopies, including a rustic sack cloth, and an elegant raw silk
• a welcome sign with optional text and a Celtic triquetra on the floor at the entrance

(pictures in the sidebar to the left …)

While the atrium and it’s entire contents when rezzed would normally be comprised of about 700 highly-detailed prims, the advanced rezzing system means that the atrium can count as few as 3 prims against your land. Reasonably you should plan on budgeting for at least 200 prims for an optimal display. Temp rezzing things like the lanterns can reduce visual quality because of light flickering, so choosing a mix of regular and temp prims is an option worth exercising to get the best possible display.

Here are the optional components that come with your atrium …

Base Components …

• Rezzing Base (set out and position, then touch to call up menu to rez components)
• Canopy of vines draped from the crown
• Firefly Lanterns
• Winter Bare Chandelier (twigs & twinkle lights)
• Wrought Iron Welcome Sign (both blank and with Elven “Welcome” text)

Foliage Options …

• Roses
• Oak Bowers
• Lush Green Leaves
• Lemon Thyme
• Winter Bare Branches

Canopies …

• Raw Sile
• Sack Cloth

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As discussed in the first section, determining how many temporary prims you can rez on your land is not an exact science. In addition, there are a few JIRA documented bugs and quirks that can make using temp rezzable products a bit of a challenge at times.

Here are a couple of simple things you can do to ensure that the components you set as temp rezzables behave as expected:

1. If your parcel is “group owned” land, be sure to set your atrium to the same group.

2. Make sure that the parcel is set to allow scripted objects to run.

3. Be sure that your parcel allows “object creation”. If the land is group owned, make sure the atrium is not only set to that group, but that the group, not just the land owner, has “object creation” rights.

4. If people report that your components suddenly disappear when you are offline, and you are certain that you’ve enabled the rights outlined above, you can “Deed” the atrium to the group that owns the land, which is one of the tightest ways of ensuring temp prims will continue to rez whether you’re around or not.

Want to test this? Prims disappearing when you’re offline are a JIRA-documented bug. Don’t want to wait until your neighbours tell you your lovely atrium is only around when you are? Log in using an alt account if you have one, or ask a friend to watch the atrium for a minute or two as you log offline.

5. If your prims are rezzing, then disappearing immediately, or before the replacement cycle, your SIM/parcel may be exceeding it’s temp prim allotment.

While you may have used the reporting tools to ensure that your atrium set-up works within expected limits, these limits are very fluid, and change each time regular prims are added or taken away from the SIM. If you are on land in a SIM where other people reside, their own prims may be affecting yours, depending on how the SIM owner has parceled off the land.

Nope. No good way to test this absolutely, as the Linden Lab formula for temp rezzing is fluid, and you likely cannot enforce how your neighbours are treating prims on their own land.

* NOTE: If you are renting land from another owner, you will want to make sure they allow temp-rezzers before turning this function on for your own atrium. Some SIM owners do not permit these items because of the potential for abuse and they negative impact that they can have on SIM resources when people aren’t being good stewards.

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• Touching the atrium but it’s not giving you a menu? Be certain that you rez the atrium on land where you have the ability to run scripts, and where you have “create” rights as well. The atrium will need the latter in order to rez the components.

• Gremlin jamming up the works? Touch the atrium to call up the menu and press the “Reset” button. This will reset all the scripts.

• SIM crash, so you can’t even call up the menu to “Reset” ? The atrium is copyable, which means there should still be one in your inventory. Rez a new copy to start fresh.

NOTE: Pressing the “Reset” button will give you a warning that the atrium will lose any custom component settings that you may have stored, giving you the option of not resetting it if this is undesirable.

• Components are disappearing shortly after they rez. What’s going on? Read the section above to learn more about troubleshooting temp rezzing issues.

• Are your neighbours telling you that your atrium is disappearing when you’re not online? This is also covered in the section above.

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• The Atrium components look like crap!

1) Crap Issue #1

It’s a sculpt, but half the sculpts are missing, and keep rezzing in and out of view or disappearing.

a) Do you have your viewer Graphics tab preferences jacked up to Ultra, or even High? Well snap! That can mess with sculpt settings on certain graphics cards. Try turning your graphics preferences down to “Mid” and see if sculpts display properly at close range again.

b) Are you using a “Release Candidate” or alternative viewer? At present there are known issues with sculpts disappearing on releases other than the current, stable (yeah, I know … fairytale) version of the Second Life client. This is not a problem with the item you purchased. It’s a viewer bug. Please see: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13868

c) Have you changed your viewer settings so that it can handle the buttload of sculpty goodness we throw at it these days? No? Here’s how …


How to stop sculpts from distorting at a distance:

1. Menu -> Advanced
2. (not there?) Press:
Ctrl-Alt-D … on Windows
Opt-Ctrl-D … on Mac
3. Sub-Menu -> Debug Settings
4. Window will open.
5. Type: RenderVolumeLODFactor
6. Change the value to 4 or greater.

2) Crap Issue #2

I’ve seen your ad shots and other people’s pictures of this item, and it’s all shiny and smexy, but mine looks like someone dragged sandpaper over it. What the heck is going on?

a) Do you have your viewer Graphics tab on a low setting in Preferences, preventing “shiny” and “glow” from being displayed? Well, yer missin’ out on the good stuff, my friend! Tom foolery aside: some people’s graphics cards just cannot handle certain display aspects so well, and while shiny and glow may be mainstream now for many people, it might not be for you.

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Something I’ve not addressed here?

Don’t hesitate to IM me — Alchemy Cyannis — with any questions that you may have.

If I’m not online, or if I am busy with a customer when you IM, I will respond as soon as I can.

I value your business and want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with my products : )

Best wishes,

Alchemy Cyannis.

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