Immortalis and Alchemy Cyannis

•) Customized Windlight Settings from Alchemy Immortalis

While creating our new Bed & Breakfast SIM we have been developing a handful of Windlight settings that offer a more immersive experience while visiting. Thanks to Torley Linden we discovered how to share our custom Windlight settings with you. (More of Torley's own magic here ...


•) Downloading Our Presets

Right click on each of the files below and save them to your own computer. We'll give you more help below for deciding where you need to store these in order for them to work in your Second Life client.

or download compressed archive:

(We'll supply you with hand lanterns for exploring on the last setting, as it really is quite dark).


•) Installing Our Windlight Presets

IMPORTANT: As of Second Life 1.22, WindLight settings will be saved to the "user_settings" folder so they are not overwritten when you upgrade versions. Dragging them to the application directories below will also work. (See Jira VWR-4981[c] for details - ).

  1. Close the WindLight-powered Second Life viewer first.
  2. Find the SL client "app_settings/windlight" folder/directory on your computer. This contains the windlight presets.
  3. Open the "skies" folder/subdirectory within it.
  4. Drag our ".xml" files into it.


•) Finding the Windlight Folder On Your Computer

These are the usual install directories, yours may look different but similar:

  • On Windows XP/NT it may be located here:

    Windows - "C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\windlight"

  • Note: On Windows Vista the presets that YOU create yourself will likely end up in a folder called"

    However, you do NOT drag our presets into this folder.

    (See VWR-4297[c] (JIRA) for more info. - )

  • Mac - In Applications folder, right-click "Second Life", select "Show Package Contents", then open Contents > Resources > app_settings > windlight
  • Linux - The folder that contains the "secondlife" boot script (example: "~/Desktop/SecondLife-i686-"). Its exact location depends on where you extracted the viewer .bz2 archive after downloading it.

You'll only be asked to replace files if you already installed some or all of these settings.


•) How to Use Our Windlight Presets

  1. Login to Second Life.
  2. In Edit menu > Preferences > Graphics tab, set "Quality and Performance" to High, or check Custom and make sure "Atmospheric Shaders" is checked.
  3. Go to World menu > Environmental Settings > Environment Editor.
  4. Click the "Advanced Sky" button.
  5. Click the dropdown menu next to "Sky Presets". You should see the many new skies starting with "Alchemy Immortalis" in the list.